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Santa Caterina is situated in the Stelvio National Park and it is a natural oasis of undoubted beauty and purity.

The town has always maintained the typical charm which is characteristic of our mountains.

In the summer the atmosphere of these mountains is relaxed and intense. The scenario and the landscape are wonderful and the alpine fauna and flora are admirable in all their beauty! The area is full of nice paths and walks in the woods and breathtaking walking tours with expert alpine guides.

In the winter the landscape is astonishing! The white snow covers almost everything and there is a real state of peace. Of course this is the best period to practice winter sports!

Santa Caterina has always played an important role in the history. From XIV century to XV century it was one of the most favourable ways of transit for the trade between The Republic of Venice and the County of Bormio. Between ‘500 and ‘800 it tenaciously maintained its own identity in spite of the control of the Swiss while during the Second World War its peaks became famous for being the places of cruel attacks between the Italian and the German Army.



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