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picture of pizzoccheri


Ingredients: (serves 4)

300 gr. of black wheat
200 gr. of white wheat
200 gr. of butter
400 gr. of "Casera" cheese
100 gr. of Parmesan
500 gr. of savoy
3 potatoes
garlic, sage


Mix the wheat using some water;
Once you get a consistent mixture, spread it on the table. It must be half centimetre thick;
Cut it giving the shape of “tagliatelle” (which is the typical of the “pizzoccheri”), They must be half centimetre large;
Cut the potatoes into big pieces and boil them together with the coste (or the verze);
Once the vegetables are ready add the “pizzoccheri” into the pot with vegetables and their water and cook for almost 10 minutes;
Drain dry the “pizzoccheri” and vegetables;
Cook the butter together with garlic and sage;
Cut the Casera cheese into small pieces and add it to the “pizzoccheri” together with parmesan cheese and the butter ;
Melt the “pizzoccheri” (the cheese must be completely melted).

Buon appetito!



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